The Essence of Hvar

TTour will reveal many faces of Hvar island.

A journey from UNESCO sites and heritage locations, through the uncharted vineyards of the wild South side with a bit of off-roading and authentic Grand Cru wines tasting included.

Hit the backroads and explore relevant historical sites and unique photo points communicated in context of time.

Upgrade yourself and get a live history lesson.

80 EUR Price / Person
195 MINS Duration

Extras (Optional)
+100 KN / 15 EUR Wine Tasting
+150 KN / 20 EUR Private Tour

Ethno, Wine and More

Timelapse experience of the foundations that shaped European civilization. Unveil the tradition of the oldest towns in the Adriatic, cradle of the urban planning and architecture, state administration and the use of money, trade and agriculture.

Feel the identity and heritage, the way of life and culture, vibe and spirit of the local area.

Detox yourself with myths, legends and authentic local wine.

60 EUR Price / Person
135 MINS Duration

Extras (Optional)
+150 KN / 20 EUR Private Tour

Wines of Hvar

Authentic stories from the real vintners.

Find out everything about the process of wine making, positions, micro-climate and soil influence in vineyards, barrels, sort differentiation and many more.

Two wine tastings in different cellars and authentic homemade snacks.

70 EUR Price / Person
240 MINS Duration

Extras (Optional)
+150 KN / 20 EUR Private Tour

What Clients say

Testimonials Ethno, wine and more

Had absolutely excellent tour guides and good entertainment throughout the whole trip. Cannot recommend this enough as you see things that many would miss without doing the tour. Very authentic experience in the back of the Defender and breathtaking views throughout the tour. The guides were able to answer every question we had and more with their extensive knowledge of the region as well as Croatia/Yugoslavia as a whole. The place we stopped for wine tasting was really cute and had a lovely atmosphere about it. Do yourself a favour and give it a try, you will definitely not be disappointed.

Testimonials Something completely different

Different experience, indeed. Impressive scenery throughout the whole route (great photo opportunities, especially Instagram must stop shot on the swindle in Velo Grablje and fields of lavender surrounding the village of Brusje). If You are a wine lover, recommended tour (especially red wines because Hvar prides itself with some of the best varieties in Dalmatia). Great company and easy going approach of two tour guides. Krešo and Tomo were authentic and witty, but they are really know-it-all guys that have shared with us a plenty of interesting stories from the history and informations given within the context of the region, Mediterranean especially. Money well invested. Must do when You are on the island of Hvar.

Testimonials Must do tour!

Unique experience with impressive scenery throughout the whole route. Just riding around the island in Land Rovers trough the tunnels, over the hills and gravel roads leaves you speachless. Our tour guides, Krešo and Tomislav were authentic and they are really know-it-all guys. We heard lots of interesting stories about island history, culture, tradition, architecture, wars, food, wine...you name it. Wineries we visited on the way were top quality. I can't recommend this tour enough. Must do when You are on the island of Hvar.

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