Who controls Vis, controls the Adriatic


Vis is undiscovered historical, cultural and sport Disneyland in unique touristic concept. Ninth by its size, it’s ideal for touring by its shape.

Positioned at the middle of the sea, island of Vis has long and dramatic history bound up with various European empires, from Ancient Greece and Rome through the Venetian Republic, French and Austria-Hungary to fascist Italy and Germany through Americans in the twentieth century. Improbable cultural exchanges and the discovery of unexpected links to British history stretching back beyond the Second World War to the time of Napoleon.

Forbidden island

Gibraltar of

With its medieval villages, deserted beaches, ancient ruins, rambling olive groves, and the best vineyards in Dalmatia, Vis is poised to become the next "it spot" for sun and fun on the Adriatic. The winding streets of the two main towns – Vis and Komiza – are brimming with restaurants serving delicious seafood and unique style fare, while miles of sandy beaches, pebbly enclaves, and glittering shores attract sunbathes.

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Our unique inland tours combine on- site storytelling, heritage locations and breathtaking landscapes with spectacular photo sites. Drive through the island and get a real history lesson. Join us in eternal search for the ultimate holidays experience.


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There is no word to describe this tour other than fantastic. If you've an interest in history and particularly the cold war then it's an absolute must if you're on Vis. Not only that, it's also a hassle free and great way to see some of the best of the island.

Testimonials Awesome tour!

We saw parts of Vis Island that there's no way we could otherwise have seen, cool tunnels and bunkers, Yugoslav military facilities and the lovely Fort George. We opted for the wine tasting part of the tour too which cannot be missed. The location is simply beautiful and the wines and snacks made by the hosting family are really excellent.

Testimonials Unique way to see Vis

Was recommended by Medsailors - interesting to hear about the military history of Vis with a funny and interesting tour guide. A couple of hours went quickly, and the safari jeep was a fun way to get to see more secluded parts of the island (with amazing views) we would've missed otherwise.


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