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According to research by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (WWF), the outer islands of central and southern Dalmatia, including Vis, are classified in 10 last heavenly Mediterranean oasis, whose protection is necessary for the preservation of the entire Mediterranean region.

‘Top 10 pearls of Mediterranean’, WWF

Tucked away on the western rim of Croatia’s Dalamatian archipelago, Vis has been named one of the 10 best-preserved islands in the Mediterranean by the World Wildlife Fund. Its clear azure waters contain seagrass meadows, dolphin, rare turtles and sardine. And the locals’ rejection of a planned tuna farm suggest the island is standing firm

‘Top 5 more extreme escapes’, The Guardian

With its medieval villages, deserted beaches, ancient ruins, rambling olive groves, and the best vineyards in Dalmatia, Vis is poised to become the next “it spot” for sun and fun on the Adriatic. The winding streets of the two main towns – Vis and Komiza – are brimming with restaurants serving delicious seafood and Italian-style

‘Top 10 Little known dream island’, Yahoo Travel

Because of its specific geo-strategic position, after the World War II island became military base of the Yugoslav army (JNA) and fall in complete isolation for almost fifty years. 

’50 years of isolation’, Long period of isolation preserved natural beauty, clean sea and beautiful beaches and whole island remain unexplored.

An exceptional position of the island, interesting people and customs of food preparation and ideal climatic conditions contributed that Vis become a gastronomic and oenological paradise where you’ll be surprised again and again because of inexperienced flavour and aroma.

‘Gourmet tourist heaven’, The Guardian




















Combines islands military history, foto points, authentic gastronomy and wine routes Explore the entire island, remnants of the Cold War era when the island was completely isolated and turned into a military base, full of tunnels and cannons Learn about the island’s 2500 years of rich history, combine localities with incredible stories of professor, local guide Awaken your senses with eco wine tasting and local homemade snacks such as salted anchovies, goat cheese, capers, olive oils..

VISITing Vis without Military tour experience is like coming to Paris and not VISITing Eiffel tower.

Top secret military tour – no bullshit holidays

…who controls VIS, controls ADRIATIC…


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